Elva Fields Jewelry

Emily Wheat Maynard has created a business wherein, it seems, life imitates art. Except this time, you can take the little pieces of life home with you.

She has taken her extensive education in French and Art History, her masters thesis that compared Italian Renaissance and ancient Greek and Roman jewelry, and combined it with her talent for scouring antique shops, thrift stores and flea markets. She threw in some education in metalworking and voila! Elva Fields Jewelry was born.

Taking the vintage pieces she finds on her searches, she repurposes them into beautiful new pieces in three design lines – Elva, June and Deb, named for Emily’s great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother (Aw!). All lines use vintage components, but the Deb line prides itself on being 100% vintage – and also succeeds at being 100% beautiful. Another neat thing she’ll do is a custom order – she’ll take a vintage piece you already own and rework it into something new and beautiful on request. What an amazing way to work an antique piece back into style!

She also has a great blog that keeps you informed of all the latest goings on in the world of Elva Fields.

Elva Fields is based in the US, but don’t worry – they will ship to Canada for a very reasonable $15 shipping charge.

Heard enough? Go shopping at Elva Fields. And here’s the cool part – Elva Fields has extended a discount to ecochick readers. Simply enter in the discount code ECO at checkout to receive 15% off your order – thanks Emily!

Eco-Libris and Raincoast Books are planting trees!

I’m a little late on the uptake for this one, but there’s still a bit of time left! Eco-Libris, the sustainable reading initiative you’ve already seen on ecochick, and Raincoast Books, a Canadian book company based in Vancouver, BC, have a great initiative going through til the end of April. They’ve signed up 80 independent book retailers across Canada who will be selling a wide range of environmentally themed books through April 2008. These books have been pre-offset with Eco-Libris stickers stating that for each book purchased, a tree will be planted in Central America and Africa. There are 4,500 specially stickered books in bookstores across Canada, so 4,500 trees will be planted on behalf of Canadian readers. That’s 12 acres of trees!

It’s a great opportunity to pick up some of those coveted green titles eco-guilt free. So head on over to your local independent bookstore and find some green books with the Eco-Libris sticker today. And remember, you can always purchase tree-planting stickers yourself from the Eco-Libris website.

ecochick Giveaway: I Don’t Get Wasted Reusable Bag

The swag, it will hopefully never end.

Sign up for the ecochick newsletter by Friday, May 9th and you’ll be in the giveaway for this cool Origins reusable canvas bag. Made from 100% organic fair-trade cotton, this bag is big, easy to carry, durable and funky. Hippyshopper also says that Origins donated all profits from the sale of the bag to the Organic Farming Research Organization, which helps farmers the world over to go organic. They’re not available on the Origins website anymore, so this item is in demand.

And don’t worry, those of you already on the list – you’re in the giveaway too!

Flip and Tumble

I know that by now, you have tons of reusable bags. More than you need, but why not? They’re cute. And they’re better than plastic bags. And the real reason you have a dozen of them is because every time you go out, you forget the bags at home and instead of bearing the unsufferable guilt of using a plastic bag, you buy yet another reusable bag because hey, at least it’s reusable, and you resolve to make SURE you put it in your purse/in the back of the car/wherever next time. But, sigh, Wouldn’t it be easier if they were just a little bit more compact, easy to carry?

This, my friends, is why there’s Flip And Tumble. The lovely ladies behind this company just finished up at the design program at Stanford and wanted to do something that would be stylish and help the environment all at once.

These bags come in a range of sharp colours, are comfortable and stylish, and carry loads of stuff. But the best part, the part that made me go I WANT! is this:

The bag rolls into a tiny, lightweight purse-friendly ball when not in use, meaning you can pitch it into your handbag and forget about it until the moment it’s needed and then – voila! Instant bag. Use it as often as you like. And when it’s worn out, send it back to Flip and Tumble and they’ll recycle it.

Flip and Tumble bags are available in a variety of cool colours on their website – and yes, they ship to Canada!

Kai Kids

Oh baby, there are plenty of eco-friendly baby and kid stores popping up out there across Canada. This awesome new trend means it’s making it easier every day for parents to find the products they’re looking for, like babysoy or BornFree. One exciting recent entry to the scene is Toronto’s Kai Kids.

Kai Kids carries a wide range of products from many brands, brands they’ve researched and tested personally to ensure the products are both ethical and great quality. These products are arranged thoughtfully according to what the products are used (Sleep, Bathe, Eat, Wear, Change, Play)- which is super functional, and less frequently seen than sorting according to brand. There’s also an area for Mamas, with funky sustainable maternity clothing and tools for the mama trade like oh-so-glamourous bamboo nursing pads.

There’s an FAQ to help you navigate the various fabrics and terms, and they highlight sale items in the sidebar – oh, the allure of a bargain!

Also, in 2008 they will be donating 1 % of their sales to 1% For The Planet to support two Canadian environmental programs. So spending your funds at KaiKids not only gets you great ecostuff for your family, it helps support great causes.

Excited yet? Check it all out at Kai Kids.

green home – a huddler.com community

Have you ever looked at an environmentally friendly product – even the ones featured here on ecochick – and thought “that looks cool, but I wonder how well it works? Oh, if only there was a place where people talked about their experiences with these products so that I would know what I’m getting in to.”

Now there is. At green home, they’ve created a community where they’re aggregating all kinds of green feedback on the products you want to use. They’ve got an area to discuss green cleaning products, lighting, appliances, transportation and more. It’s simple to participate – you create a login, read reviews of all kinds of green products, participate in the forum, read and create informative wiki pages on green products and issues, and submit your own reviews on products. There’s also a great page where you can see the top products and the featured wiki pages.

It looks like a great resource, but it’s only going to be as useful as the people who use it and participate. So check it out – greenhome.huddler.com!

Earth Day Discounts

The inbox had a bunch of Earth Day email, some including discounts and specials. Yay!

At Origins, receive a free Peace of Mind On-The-Spot Relief sample plus free shipping, today only.

At GreenFeet, save 20% on your purchase today only, simply enter code ONELOVE during checkout.

I’ll post more as they arrive….

UPDATED: Toronto Green Living Show: Ticket giveaway and ticket discount for ecochick readers!

UPDATED: Good news: The awesome folks at the Green Living show have provided us with 3 pairs of tickets to give away to lucky ecochick readers!

If you’re going to be in Toronto this weekend and want to attend the Green Living Show, here’s what you do: Simply check out the Green Living Show Website and take a look at who’s going to be exhibiting, speaking or presenting. Then leave me a comment below and tell me what it is you’re most looking forward to seeing at the show. Is it a certain thought-provoking seminar? A specific funky eco-vendor? The options are endless. Just post your pick in the comments by Thursday, April 24 at 12 Noon eastern daylight time and I’ll let you know that afternoon if you’re one of the lucky ones (just don’t forget to leave me your email address).

Even if you don’t get the giveaway tickets, you’re still eligible to get a great discount. Simply navigate to the Green Living Show website, go to Buy tickets, and enter the coupon code 20JA to get 20% off your admission price. Nice!

This is going to be a really excellent show, with plenty of exhibitors, an Organic Marketplace, and great seminars. Take in the Eco-Chic Exhibitor Fashion Show, listen to Robert Kennedy talk about Sustainability, attend a panel on Sustainable Packaging, and just so much more.

Check it out if you can – you’ll be glad you did.

e-Maila culpa

ecochick is personally horrified.

As is posted below, the official contact address for ecochick is talk at ecochick dot ca. As it turns out, for the past several weeks most of the mail that has been sent to this address has been filtered into the spam folder, for unknown reasons (all emails were reaching me up until recently). As I was downloading my messages via SMTP, I did not realize that my spam folder was holding gems from all of you wonderful readers.

Huge apologies to all of you that I inadvertently ignored. I am embarrassed by this and will get back to you today!

Sincerest apologies,

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