Shop Solio and Plug into the Sun

These days, we carry innumerous gadgets. Laptops, phones, iPods, digital cameras, video game players, tons of other things, all of them requiring one simple thing: Power. Without a power source, your gadget ends up a very expensive brick before too long.

End your reliance on the little plug on the wall with a Solio Universal Hybrid Charger! The Solio charger is a sleek little unit that spreads into a full solar panel array at need. It will accept power from a wall socket, sure, but it also will charge from simple exposure to the sun, either directly or through a window. You can either leave it to absorb a full charge, or put it in the sun, plug your dead gadget in, and power it up as you use it. And at 4.6 ounces, it’s a no brainer – and no effort – to chuck it in to your bag and take it on the road, especially since it replaces the 4,246 separate chargers you’d otherwise be carrying.

The Solio Hybrid charger is available at their online store, accessible by clicking the link.

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