Living Lightly

David Chernushenko’s been busy over the last few years. He’s run in a federal election, two provincial elections, and in a leadership race to boot. His latest project may be the most ambitious. Living Lightly is a website dedicated to the sharing of thoughts, beliefs, and small victories in the path to changing the way we live. From the website:

Living Lightly is a choice to better align the pursuit of our practical needs with our personal values and spiritual calling, and with the needs of our environment and of all humans and other forms of life.

Living Lightly is not about guilt, sacrifice or preaching to others. Living Lightly is about choosing to embrace a way of life that is exciting, challenging, rewarding, humbling, and as full of mistakes and dilemmas as it is full of achievements and certainty.

The Living Lightly website is a fantastic place to share ideas and inspiration with other green-minded people. Check it out at

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