Ideal Bite

I know we all want to live green. But sometimes, we get busy. Stuff happens. Kids are crying and dogs are whining and bosses are demanding and all kinds of stuff is going on, and the last thing on your mind is how to greenify your existence. Help keep it on your mind with daily email tips from Ideal Bite!

Ideal Bite

The sassy ladies at Ideal Bite will deliver a fun, relevant, quick tip to your email inbox every day. If you’re located in certain US cities you can have them tailored to your locale – or you can get your great daily tip that’s useful no matter where you are. They’ve got great tips on a wide range of subjects, including entertainment, sex and romance, clothes, personal care, pets and more. Got a great eco-living suggestion? They’ll even take your tips for posting in a future Ideal Bite. Nice!

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