Li’l Bowl Blu and Le Scrub!

It’s as if my ecoprayers have been answered.

In switching to nontoxic, more environmentally friendly cleaners like Method products, one of the downsides is thus: Because you are not using harsh chemicals that eat away at grime (as well as eating away at you!), there are some types of dirt and stains that are more difficult to manage. One of these types is in your toilet. While I scrub diligently with my ecofriendly cleaners, there are still issues with toilet germs and hard water stains.

Method Home

So Method, in a burst of song from the angels, has just announced the availability of Li’l Bowl Blu and Le Scrub – Method’s answer to mainstream toilet cleaners. Which usually contain such delicious substances as sulfuric acid and phosphates. A veritable Planet Killing Cocktail.

In contrast, the cleaning agent in Lil’ Bowl Blu is lactic acid. It’s thickened with natural xanthan gum (which is, in fact, edible – check your ice cream label!) to keep it clinging to your toilet surface long enough to break down stains.

For those who prefer elbow grease, Le Scrub uses milled marble as a natural abrasive and purified clay and xanthum gum as thickeners. Safe on ceramic tile, grout, stainless steel, and formica, it helps you scrub away more stubborn stains.

And, dude? It’s Method. It’s going to smell great rather than medicinal or institutional. Plus, the stylish packaging means you don’t have to hide it away under the sink!

Li’l Bowl Blu and Le Scrub will be available in stores in March and online in April.

Red Dot Campaign

Sick of wasteful, useless junk mail? Then check out the Red Dot Campaign. The Red Dot Campaign is designed to raise awareness about the consumer’s options for refusing delivery of junk mail. Did you know that you can refuse all junk mail simply by affixing a sign to your mailbox saying “no junk mail”? Did you know you can sign up for the Canadian Marketing Agency’s No Contact Registry to reduce the numbers of offers you get via snail mail (as well as phone)? And did you know you could spread the word by emailing your friends about the Red Dot Facebook Group?

No? Well, now you do. Check out the facts about Junk Mail and then decide for yourself…

Cartolina Cards

Are you in the mood for something fantastically, whimsically unique? Then you are in the mood for Cartolina Cards. There you will find an amazing, intoxicating collection of cards that combine vintage prints with exotic images and bright colours. The designs are evocative of the beautiful, romantic pictures you see in quaint hideaway hotels in the wilds of Scotland – after, of course, you mixed them up with some jazzy retro prints and splashes of lime green and raspberry. These are just the thing to get you moving after this long, cold winter.

Of course, since you’re finding this on ecochick, it goes without saying that all Cartolina Cards are printed on recycled paper with Forest Stewardship Council certification. In addition, all products are printed with vegetable based inks.

Cartolina Cards are available at retailers across Canada and worldwide.

Ideal Bite

I know we all want to live green. But sometimes, we get busy. Stuff happens. Kids are crying and dogs are whining and bosses are demanding and all kinds of stuff is going on, and the last thing on your mind is how to greenify your existence. Help keep it on your mind with daily email tips from Ideal Bite!

Ideal Bite

The sassy ladies at Ideal Bite will deliver a fun, relevant, quick tip to your email inbox every day. If you’re located in certain US cities you can have them tailored to your locale – or you can get your great daily tip that’s useful no matter where you are. They’ve got great tips on a wide range of subjects, including entertainment, sex and romance, clothes, personal care, pets and more. Got a great eco-living suggestion? They’ll even take your tips for posting in a future Ideal Bite. Nice!

Eco Wedding and Lifestyle Show in TO!

Now that’s what I’m talking about.

The Eco Wedding and Lifestyle Show will be on March 1-2, 2008 at the Design Exchange in Toronto. The Eco Wedding & Lifestyle Show will feature a diverse collection of stylish and unique wedding and lifestyle vendors, all of whom have a commitment to the environment. This “one stop shop” will allow the green at heart to find vendors, items and service providers that jive with their eco-sensibilities. Vendors include Whole Foods, Plantatree Wine, Eco Flora, LPK’s Culinary Groove, CarbonZero, Toronto Botanical Gardens, The Richmond, Merchants of Green Coffee and Bullfrog Power.

There’s a lot of fantastic stuff to see – and to win – at this show. You can see unique and interactive eco friendly fashion shows, sponsored by David Scott Cosmetics. Models will be positioned at key stations for 20 minutes, alongside the designers, and guests can get up close and personal with the garments and the designer.

You can get a free engagement portrait done- sign up on a first come, first served basis. Book in advance online.

There are also great giveaways:

- Two comfort-fit, 3mm 18K white or yellow gold wedding bands valued at $600 courtesy of Brilliant Earth, who specialize in quality jewelry from ethical sources.
- A round-trip for 2 from Toronto to Quebec City, courtesy of VIA Rail, with one night’s stay at the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac in the heart of Old Quebec (valued at $1000)
- Six wilderness adventure getaways courtesy of Wilderness Tours (valued at $100 each)
Green Clean Home Starter Basket of Melaleuca products from Enhancing Health ($100 value)
- Producer’s Pick ‘Be Gorgeous’ Basket ($200 value)

Tickets are available online or at the door.

Vivavi Furniture

Remember The Lazy Environmentalist: Your Guide to Easy, Stylish, Green Living? Well, the author of the book, Josh Dorfman, didn’t stop there. He’s also the founder and CEO of Vivavi, which features three separate ventures: Vivavi retail stores, the Modern Green Living website, which helps Americans find a new green home, or ways to make their own homes green. Finally, he’s the voice behind The Lazy Environmentalist, a nationally broadcast radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio and Lime Radio that showcases stylish and innovative green trends, technologies, products and services that make green living easy, attractive, and super-convenient. In 2006, Inc. Magazine named Vivavi one of the 50 most intriguing green businesses helping to drive the green revolution.

But the most fun for an ecochick – the shopping part – is at Seating, lighting, storage, kids, pets.. everything, all designer, unique, and environmentally friendly. You can also find listings of green designers, green architects, green realtors, green remodelers.. the list is huge, diverse and very useful. If nothing else, browsing through the photos of uniquely designed furniture is a treat for the eyes.

Shipping is available to Canada, although it’s probably pretty pricey. Then again, if you can afford a Hand-woven water hyacinth Sushi day bed by Pie, shipping costs may not be something you worry about. Happy shopping!

Saffron Rouge

How have I not known about this before? Saffron Rouge is a huge cosmetics/personal care store – think Sephora, only planet friendly! Saffron Rouge sells only organic and biodynamic personal care products. And they don’t just say they sell organic: They hold every product up to a stringent set of tests for purity, quality and effectiveness prior to listing the product on their site. They also list fantastic information about why you should use organic products, such as understanding organic certification or understanding preservatives. They carry a wide range of brands including Dr Hauschka, Nvey Eco, John Masters and more.

Not only do they sell cool products, though: they give you a chance to try free samples with every purchase – the more you order, the more you can try out. Simply make your product purchase selections then you can browse the free samples to see what you might want to pick up next.

And hello: They have a fully Canadian version of their online store – just make sure you click the “Canada” button in the upper right corner to get Canadian prices and shipping.

Big Green Purse

On the web and now in (hopefully recycled paper and environmentally friendly glue) print: Big Green Purse, the brainchild of Diane MacEachern. Diane started the Big Green Purse initiative knowing that women spend $0.85 out of every dollar of household spending, which is a wallet with a wallop. If these women all started speaking with their coin to demand environmentally friendly products and services, then manufacturers would start to listen. Smart lady!

The Big Green Purse website is chock full of tips on how to shop greener, with categorized product listings of green products. What’s more, Diane writes a blog where she lists all kinds of great product ideas and comparisons.

However, if surfing isn’t your style – or perhaps it isn’t the style of someone else who you want to teach to go a little green – then check out the book. It’s stuffed full of great ecotips, with chapters on food, home, garden and more. She gives you no-nonsense tips on wise environmental shopping and tells you who’s a champ – and who’s a chump. The book will be released in March and can be pre-ordered via this
Big Green Purselink. Go forth and shop green!

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