Iqua Handsfree Bluetooth Solar Headset

You know when you see obnoxious people in suits walking down the street with borg-like devices in their ears talking to what appears to be nobody in particular? Those gadgets in their ears are what’s called Bluetooth devices, and they hook up with your mobile phone and other devices to allow you to talk hands-free. By nature of the beast, these Bluetooth devices spend most of their time exposed to light.

Finnish company Iqua has taken advantage of this, and has slapped solar panels on the front of the Iqua SUN BHS-603 model so as to recharge it as you walk. Capable of up to 12 hours talk time on a full charge, it will absorb light from any source – indoor or outdoor – to power the device.

Comparable in size and capabilities to traditionally powered Bluetooth devices, the Iqua Sun won’t save the planet on its own, but what it does do is illustrate a brilliant environmentally friendly technology that will actually cause the product to have an advantage over its competitors: Its ability to remain continually charged as long as it’s exposed to light means it’s one less detail for very busy and important people to worry about in their very busy and important day.

The Iqua Sun will be available in stores shortly.

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  1. adrian2514
    January 11, 2008 at 8:33 pm (11 years ago)

    Does anybody know about this site ( ) ? I have seen other environmental sites with carbon calculators like yahoo and tree huggers, but I am wondering what the deal with is? I saw they also published a list last month of the top ten greenest cities ( ). Does anyone know if this site is better than the others? Fill me in!

    I took their carbon foot print test and it was pretty interesting, they said that I put out 4.5 tons of carbon, does anyone know about any other tests?


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