The holidays are coming, and companies want to thank their loyal employees for all their hard work in the past year. Some will give cash, and some will give swag. And if you’re really lucky, your swag will be environmentally friendly, perhaps from Ecomark Premiums. They have tons of great items, from organic cotton or bamboo garments that can be customized with logos or slogans, to unique environmental gifts such as bamboo towels. You can even make your next conference giveaways environmentally friendly, with items such as biodegradeable golf tees, recycled yo-yos or the biodegradable stress ballons you see here!

Ecomark has a specific environmental rating system so that you know whether your chosen items are just a little green, or superelectric neon green. They’ll also tell you what the top promotional items are, and what your green alternative is. Ecomark’s covered all the bases in making it easy for your corporate promotional items to be green.

You can find Ecomark items by contacting them at sales at opm-premiums dot com.

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