Ciao! Organic Wines

ecochick’s back, after a self-imposed (oh all right, stomach-flu imposed) break. I hope everyone had an utterly lovely Holiday!

In the midst of the holiday season, you’re bound to be invited to at least a dozen fabulous parties. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly hostess gift, why not try Ciao! Organic wines? The Organic varieties include a smooth Sangiovese and a sweet, light Chardonnay. Both varieties come in an environmentally friendly tetrapak. Just as the butterfly is in perfect harmony with nature, so is Ciao Organic Wine!

Ciao is available at the LCBO and other retailers.

Origins Discount Extended!

Origins has extended the 25% off discount until December 18: Use code 1207FF2 to get 25% off all purchases!

Origins has a new discount deal – and this one’s pretty sweet! From Sunday, December 16 through Tuesday, December 18, enter code 1207FF2 at checkout and get 25% off your purchases. Plus, receive complimentary gift wrap and free second day shipping (except for the Canadian shipping surcharge).

Looking for ideas? I recently tried the Origins Organics Nourishing Face Lotion and it’s really nice – smooth and soothing. It contains several essential oils, so if you’re used to a scent-free face cream this might not be for you – but if you like scents, it smells divine. Check it out!

Think Green Aromatherapy

The Holiday season is upon us. You’re frantically shopping for environmentally friendly gifts, wrapping with recycled paper, making sustainably farmed delicious food, drinking organic wine, driving your hybrid to visit the family and friends…. it’s exhausting! You need to take a few minutes to just.. relax.

Scent is an enormous trigger for your mood, your memory, your overall sense of well being. So why not take a few minutes and relax with a Think Green Aromatherapy Candle. Made from pure ingredients including soya wax, shea butter, and olive oil, and scented with pure aromatherapy oils, these candles are also made in Canada. What’s not to love?

They come in a variety of scents. The “Balancing” candle blends lemon, lime, rosemary, geranium, lavender & pine essential oils. The “Well Being” candle is scented with ylang ylang, clary sage bergamot and rosewood.

Think Green aromatherapy candles are available on their website.

Oresta Organics

Oresta Korbutiak not only knows skin inside and out, she helps you take care of it. Her buzzing esthetics business in Ottawa features organic facials and other treatments, including the delicious sounding Chocolate Decadence facial – yummay!

But she doesn’t just offer treatments. All of the products she uses in her shop are available in her online store. With selections from great organic,natural lines such as Eminence Organic Skin Care, Pangea Organics, Grateful Body and Simply Divine Botanicals, you’re bound to find something amazing for you or as a gift.

Oresta products are available on her website and at her Ottawa shop.

Fig Kids

If it’s good enough for Julia Roberts’ brood, then it’s good enough for ecochick. Fig Organic Kids Fashion, based in BC, has an awesome range of original, stylish kids clothing, made from sustainably farmed cotton and by ethically managed companies. Sweet!

Fig Organic Kids Clothing is available on their website and at retailers across Canada.

Organic Wine Journal

There are days when there’s nothing to be done except put up your feet, sigh, and drink the better part of a bottle of wine. What, that’s just me? Well, just make sure it’s organic wine. And if you want to know as much as you possibly can about organic wine, then check out the Organic Wine Journal. With wide ranging articles from wine tours in various locales, to listings of organic wineries by country, to wine tastings, this is an excellent resource to find out everything you can about organic wines. Interested in champagne’s dirty secret? How about tagging along on the experience of sampling wine in Paris? It’s all here. So sit back, unscrew a bottle of organic, and enjoy!

Your Green Holiday Shopping List!

If you’re going by the amount of snow on the ground, it’s definitely nearly time for Christmas. Inspired by GreenLAGirl’s post on BlogHer, here’s ecochick’s Guide to Green Holiday Shopping – all available in Canada!

1. For the Student in your life: How about funky, 100% recycled Ecojot paper products? They’ll be the coolest kid in school, with the Ecojot funky designs and fancy colours.

2. For the girly girl: Lilou Organics Gift Boxes have flexible options to suit exactly your girly girl’s taste. Cosmetics, bath products, things for Mommy, the list goes on. Choose from prepackaged options, or build your own and they’ll package it for you.

3. For the Road Warrior: How about a cool Solar Charger for the blackberry, laptop or cell phone? Great way to save energy on the road. (I’m still looking for a Canadian source for these!)

4. For the domestic diva: The Hostess with the Mostest wouldn’t be caught dead without ecofriendly bamboo accessories. Toronto based Grass Roots Environmental Products sells bamboo plates for the Christmas buffet… and as a bonus, they sell the cutlery, too! Thanks for the tip, Rowan! US based Greenfeet has them as well.. made from sustainably grown bamboo, and biodegradeable within six months. Nice!

5. For the yoga fanatic: Lululemon’s oqoqo line blends style and sustainability with function. Their soft sustainable fabrics are great for the studio or the street.

6. For the clothes horse: Roots Organics or Roots Bamboo, such as this sweet bamboo long sleeved men’s t. Not everything at Roots is organic or sustainable, so make sure you check the labels before you buy.

7. For the dog lover: A lovely organic dog toy from Simply Fido will ensure that pup’s favourite pal is great company, and good for the environment.

8. For the ecokid: ecotoytown has a wide range of non-toxic, planet friendly toys for kiddo. From soft plushies, to ecofriendly puzzles, building blocks and more, you’ll find anything to suit any kid.

9. For the pamperer: Origins has some amazingly luxurious bath products available, including the decadent ginger line that ecochick can’t stop flapping about. (Ha, get it?)

10. For Anyone: A trendy, convenient Sigg Water Bottle – the robust, cool, non-plastic water bottle alternative.

Any other ideas? Let ecochick know!


The holidays are coming, and companies want to thank their loyal employees for all their hard work in the past year. Some will give cash, and some will give swag. And if you’re really lucky, your swag will be environmentally friendly, perhaps from Ecomark Premiums. They have tons of great items, from organic cotton or bamboo garments that can be customized with logos or slogans, to unique environmental gifts such as bamboo towels. You can even make your next conference giveaways environmentally friendly, with items such as biodegradeable golf tees, recycled yo-yos or the biodegradable stress ballons you see here!

Ecomark has a specific environmental rating system so that you know whether your chosen items are just a little green, or superelectric neon green. They’ll also tell you what the top promotional items are, and what your green alternative is. Ecomark’s covered all the bases in making it easy for your corporate promotional items to be green.

You can find Ecomark items by contacting them at sales at opm-premiums dot com.


Books, books, books. ecochick is addicted to books. They’re entertaining, they’re stimulating, they’re portable! They’re also made of paper which, more often than not, is made from virgin forest. This is not so good.

Eco-Libris wants to do something about this. They have taken the initiative to help book-lovers even out the environmental scale. You can go to their website, choose how many books you want to even out, and purchase stickers for your books. For each sticker you purchase, a tree is planted by their planting partners in developing regions such as Central America and Africa. The planting partners also manage and monitor the planting sites afterwards to ensure optimal health. The stickers are made from recycled materials and non-toxic inks. From Eco-Libris:

Eventually and hopefully sooner then later, books will be made from recycled paper or other eco-friendly materials and logging for paper will stop. On that day we’ll happily move on to a new cause, but until then we think every book reader should take action. We also don’t forget the responsibility of the book publishing industry to the current situation and we intend to become a strong voice in a call for change towards printing books in an eco-friendly manner.”

It’s inexpensive, it’s easy, and it’s a great idea. If you’re giving books for Christmas, why not slap an Eco-Libris sticker on the cover and impress your friends with your ecoresponsibility? You can buy EcoLibris stickers on their website. Happy reading!