MEC Travel Pillows

Going camping, backpacking, or just on a long plane ride, and want something a little more luxurious than your arm to use as a pillow?

Mountain Equipment Co-op creates a pillow for just this purpose – the “Go” pillow. Light and fluffy, the Go pillow is down filled and rolls up tight into its own little carry case when you’re not using it. When you need it, pull it out and ta-daaah – instant luxury.

But wait – how is this ecochick-worthy? Well, when MEC creates the Go pillow, they’re using leftover fabric and fill from their sleeping bag creation process. These are products that may otherwise be sent to the landfill. So MEC decided to make a point of using every little piece possible. The result is that the pillows in the store are a bit unpredictable – are they grey? Are they red? Are they yellow? Who knows! They’ll be whatever was being made that day in the factory, and that’s OK. The pillow is still just as soft, and being used far better under your head than in a landfill.

You can buy MEC products online or at any of their stores across Canada.

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