Salts Organic Clothing

Out on the west coast, Salts Organic is taking on the green challenge in style. Building “street clothing for the west coast lifestyle”, Salts uses a variety of eco-friendly fabrics including bamboo, soybean and organic cotton. They also have articles on what sustainable clothing really means, and also how to care for sustainable fabrics.

But the real appeal of Salts is the clothes, the lovely, lovely clothes. Bodyhugging bamboo tops in bright colours. Hemp pencil skirts. Soft bamboo hoodies. A full range of practical, flattering street wear.

Salts is not yet available online, but they’re working on it. In the meantime, you can find their clothes at various retailers across Canada.

Kaia’s Organic Pet Beauty Shop

Over at Zia and Tia, you’ll find plenty of organic and earth-friendly products. In light of this Weather we seem to have gotten in Eastern Ontario last week, it’s time to start thinking of skin care – for your pet!

Cold snow and ice can be tough on pooches’ paws. So give him a little relief with Groom Paw Butter. This luxurious paw defense wax is made from all natural, paraffin free butter which is then infused with natural wax, fair trade shea butter, avocado butter and cocoa butter. Take a blob and rub it into Fido’s rough feet to give him a little relief from the elements. He’ll thank you for it.

Groom Paw Butter is available at Zia and Tia.

Origins discount code!

Happy Holidays from Origins… if you go shopping on the Origins Website and at checkout enter code 110710, you’ll get:

$10 off any purchase of $50 or more (US)
Free shipping with every online order (although there is a surcharge to ship to Canada, it’s small – $5 last time I ordered); and
Complimentary gift wrap (sure hope it’s environmentally friendly – their boxes are!)

$10 off $50 ends December 1, so hurry!

If you’re not familiar with Origins products and are looking for ideas, they have a new line of Origins Organics that’s worth checking out. And a 100% organic cotton canvas reusable shopping bag! By the way, if you like these bags, then you need keep an eye on ecochick… there might just be a chance to get one for free!

Happy Shopping!

About International Ordering….

Thinking of doing some cross-border online shopping with the loonie at par? ecochick’s done a bit of sample shopping on products from the US of A. Here’s things to keep an eye out for.

  • Shipping costs. Most US based companies will ship to a Canadian address from a US warehouse, and the shipping costs can be exorbitant. For example, ordering an omop starter kit from Method costs $10.60 US to ship UPS ground within the lower 48, but $17.65 to ship to Canada. It sometimes helps to order larger quantities to lower the overall ship cost per item, but not always (two omops will cost $33.50 to ship to Canada, but bizarrely will cost less – $5.70 – to ship to the lower 48.) Look for companies that have a Canadian warehouse if you can – or just shop Canadian.

  • Shipping times. If I order from Chapters in Canada and choose their slowest method of shipping, I usually recieve packages within a few days. I’ve ordered from both Kiss My Face and Origins recently, and shipping took well over two weeks if not close to three. Factor this time in, especially if you’re counting on your deliveries as Christmas gifts. I don’t necessarily think this extended time is the companies’ faults, though.. more likely it has to do with…
  • Taxes, Customs and Duty. Depending on the kind of item you order, you will generally be responsible for paying some kind of fee upon arrival. On a $50 USD order from Kiss My Face, I had to pay $7.65 ($2.65 tax, $5 handling fee). On a $90 USD order from Origins, I have to pay $17. The determination of this charge is also likely why the shipping took so long to get to my doorstep. Factor this charge in (the rough estimate in my experience appears to be 15-20%) when you’re ordering online and think you’re getting a great deal on the exchange rate.

Any other tips on international purchasing? Let ecochick know!


What kid doesn’t want a space rocket of their own?

Paperpod is originally a UK based company that has now set up shop in Canada. Made from recycled paper, flat packed for easy storage and shipping, and now created locally in Canada to prevent long haul shipping, the Paperpod products encourage creativity and imagination in children while giving them a great place to express it! Assemble a rocket and paint it like your personal spaceship. Decorate a play house with every colour of the rainbow. Right now these are the only two products available, but more are coming soon including a castle, a doll house, even a chair!

Paperpod products are available on their website. All are very reasonably priced, and shipping is not too bad either. Go create!

Think Green Organic Linens

Environmentally friendly anything used to conjure up images of bulky, rough textures, expensive, and uncomfortable. If there is any of that stigma still hanging around, it’s gone once you look at these Organic Cotton Sheets from Think Green Store.

Their assortment of 100% organic cotton sheets, ranging from 240 – 300 thread count, in flat or percale, will be a real organic treat for any environmentally friendly homeowner who also adores luxury. In addition, the delicious colours are made with a proprietary low-impact dye that ensures long-lasting colour.

Think Green Organic Linens are available on the Think Green website. And you get a bonus $10 Gift Certificate on all orders over $100 (before taxes). Nice!


Talk about child labour. But somehow, we don’t think 15 month old Trinity Doiron of Victoria, British Columbia, seems to mind. She has already established a lucrative career as a baby product tester. With assistance from Kate and Jeff Doiron, Trinity provides all quality assurance for EthicBaby.

Ethicbaby carries a wide variety of baby and toddler products, from clothing to bedding to toys. All have their own brand of environmental friendliness – from nontoxic wood toys, to sustainable bamboo pyjamas and bedding, to organic baby hats and plenty more.

As the name implies, Ethicbaby makes every business decision with a commitment towards ethical and social responsibility, sourcing their products from organic brands and working with ethical quality assurance organizations. As a result, you can use their products for your baby with the knowledge that you’re buying what’s best for her, and for the planet!

And did we mention cute? Come on – Organic Cotton baby yoga pants? Seriously. To die for.

All Ethicbaby products are available via their website and shippable within Canada.

MEC Travel Pillows

Going camping, backpacking, or just on a long plane ride, and want something a little more luxurious than your arm to use as a pillow?

Mountain Equipment Co-op creates a pillow for just this purpose – the “Go” pillow. Light and fluffy, the Go pillow is down filled and rolls up tight into its own little carry case when you’re not using it. When you need it, pull it out and ta-daaah – instant luxury.

But wait – how is this ecochick-worthy? Well, when MEC creates the Go pillow, they’re using leftover fabric and fill from their sleeping bag creation process. These are products that may otherwise be sent to the landfill. So MEC decided to make a point of using every little piece possible. The result is that the pillows in the store are a bit unpredictable – are they grey? Are they red? Are they yellow? Who knows! They’ll be whatever was being made that day in the factory, and that’s OK. The pillow is still just as soft, and being used far better under your head than in a landfill.

You can buy MEC products online or at any of their stores across Canada.

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