Flora eco-friendly scooter giveaway!

It’s definitely contest week.

Head on over to Chatelaine and enter for your chance to win one of two EV-168 Electric Scooters. How environmentally friendly! The contest is sponsored by Flora, makers of herbal remedies since 1965 – with roots stretching to the early 1900s. Flora creates “perfect European herbal remedies that ensure maximum purity, quality and potency with a holistic approach to health and to provide quality, pure, organic products wherever possible.”

And they give away scooters. Nice!

Green Living Online

It appears to be shaping up as Giveaway Monday here at ecochick. ecochick’s not the one doing the giving, at least not this time (however – stay tuned!), but we’ll definitely tell you where to find those who are!

Green Living Online is just one component of the overall Green Living Enterprises. These are the incredible people who bring you Green Living Magazine, the Green Living Show, and much, much more. At Green Living Online, you’ll find tons of articles on environmental issues from Canada and around the world, as well as tips, product reviews, and more.

The best part (aside from saving the planet, of course)? If you subscribe to their newsletter before December 31, 2007, you’re entered to win a Green Living Gift Bag. Green Living tips and a chance to win stuff… what more could a chick want?

Make your bathroom eco-friendly!

There’s a great article on Canadian Living on how to Green Your Bathroom, including suggestions on environmentally friendly products as well as how to reduce waste and choose products wisely:

Most of us dread cleaning out that cluttered cupboard under the bathroom sink. When we finally muster up the courage, not much gets done because we still can’t figure out how to dispose of that aerosol can that’s been there since 2003, or the expired prescription drugs left over from wisdom tooth surgery. What gets recycled? What should be thrown out?

Well, look no further. Here is a short guide to help you dispose of all the flotsam and jetsam that’s in that cupboard, as well as some useful tips to help you reduce your bathroom clutter.

Read the rest at Canadian Living online.

EcoJot contest

Contest alert: Flare magazine is giving away a fantastic ecojot prize package from Mirage Paper Company. Ecojot makes attractive, funky notepads, scribblers and other stationery products out of 100% recycled materials – and even the glue is biodegradeable. Worth $100, the contest closes December 16 at one minute to midnight, so make sure you enter!

Mod to Modern

Step 1. Find used wool sweaters.
Step 2. Add scissors, a sewing machine and fashion mojo.
Step 3. Assemble.
Step 4. Achieve awesomeness.

That appears to be the recipe for Mod to Modern. Based in Vancouver, her designs range from V necks to crew necks to mock shrugs – and even to dog and cat sweaters, leading her friends to dub her the “Wooly Warhol”. Each piece is based on individual used goods, making each sweater unique. Designer and owner Michelle Bergeron-Mok also loves feedback, and if you send in a picture of you in your sweater, she may even post them on her website. Nice! As a bonus, you can also read her blog on her website, to give you an idea of the life of a ecofriendly sweater redesigner.

Mod to Modern creations are available on her website as well as various retailers across Canada.

Kiss My Face

Directly from the Kiss My Face website: “Kiss My Face is the leading manufacturer of obsessively natural body care”. ecochick likes that kinda talk. With an excellent and very informative website, as well as an extensive line of products, Kiss My Face is one of the best established Organic skin care companies out there.

But if you’re like ecochick, you’re a bit leery of buying a whole set of gigantic bottles of stuff if you’ve never used it before. What if your skin doesn’t like it? What if it smells like bananas, and you can’t stand bananas? No fear. Kiss My Face has thought of that, and has come up with the fantastic option of letting you buy a bag of samples! Kiss My Face Kisses On Trial contains nine sample sizes of their most popular products including from their hair care, shower gel, oral care and moisturizer lines. Now that’s confidence!

Kiss My Face products are available via their webstore, as well as via several retailers across Canada.

The Green Beaver Company

Here in Canada, it gets cold. Some places get colder than others. For example, the top of a precipitous ski hill, where the icy wind whips you as you plan your headlong slide down a snow-covered slope with planks strapped to your feet. That’s cold. Brr! Those parts of your skin still exposed will sure need some TLC. The team at Green Beaver has created a line of skin care products for just this situation. Containing no petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial fragrances, dyes, chemical preservatives or parabens, all Green Beaver products are made in Canada, by Canadians – and who better to know how to treat your skin in the cold?

The line includes Winter Body Lotion, Winter Face Cream, Winter Hand and Cuticle Balm, Winter Lip Balm, and Winter Bath Therapy. Each product is formulated to give you maximum moisture and protection against the harsh Canadian elements.

Green Beaver products are available at health stores across Canada as well as online.

Dr Hauschka Skin Care

Dr Hauschka Skin Care was founded over 40 years ago in Germany. They base their unique approach to personal care on an in-depth understanding of the power of healing plants to restore and maintain healthy skin. All products created by Dr Hauschka have one aim in mind: to be holistic, living in harmony with the earth. Every product is created with this “big picture” in mind.

Dr Hauschka has lines of face care, body care, cosmetics, bath and shower, sun care, hair care and more. All products have their full ingredient lists on the website, with a glossary for each component so that you know exactly what it is and from whence it came.

Dr Hauschka also works in conjunction with several Hollywood productions, including film and television – so that duck face on Meredith Grey is probably plumped by Dr Hauschka’s creations. Nice!

Dr Hauschka products are available in Canada at lilou organics.

Passenger Pigeon

The Fall/Winter 08 collection is out at Passenger Pigeon, and ecochick’s coveting it. Passenger Pigeon’s trio of designers make sleek, fashionable styles with funky prints, body hugging fabrics and useful accessories, all from a selection of ecofriendly materials. Their website has a fantastic explanation as to why they make all of their clothing out of organic, sustainable materials, including organic cotton, hemp, ecospun (a cool new fabric made from recycled pop bottles) and tencel (fibre made from wood pulp).

And a canuck bonus: All garments are designed, sewn, dyed and screenprinted in Toronto.

Passenger Pigeon items are available at retailers across Canada, both on foot and online.


You and I aren’t the only ones demanding high quality, environmentally friendly products: Fido and Fluffy deserve the same consideration!

EarthBath creates a pile of pet care products including shampoo pints, shampoo bars, between bath spritzes and more, all using natural, biodegradeable ingredients. Their wide variety of formulas means you can find something perfect for your pooch’s sensitive skin. For example, their Oatmeal and Aloe itch relief shampoo addresses your pet’s dry midnight scratching, while their Eucalyptus and Peppermint shampoo cools down irritated, bug-bitten skin. Their products are so gentle they can be used on puppies, kittens – or even you!

The products smell heavenly, lather well, and rinse easily, leaving your slippery pet with a clean, fresh scent that isn’t overpowering – after using these products, Fido will smell like a clean dog, not a perfume counter. Plus, their fur is left clean, smooth and soft. Good dog!

EarthBath products can be purchased through various retailers, including your local Bark & Fitz. Arooooo!

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